Lago Argentino -Brazo Sur- & Lago Frías


An amazing opportunity to get to visit an innermost spot of the National Park!

We will take the old 15 Road from El Calafate, “the estancias’ road”, and after 60 km we will get to Glaciar Sur’s pier and navigate the
Argentino Lake’s Southern Branch.

We will dock to begin the one-hour long trek to the Frías Lake. The trail goes into a lenga beech forest and, after an uphill stretch, we will
reach a gorgeous natural viewpoint from where we will head to the shore of the Frías Lake. Once there, we will get on
board to navigate stunning blue waters.

Once on the oposite lake shore, we will begin the trek through the valley of the Frías River. As we move forward, we will
have a better view of the Grande, Cubo and Dickson glaciers. After walking for around an hour and a half, we will reach the Frías Superior Lagoon. Surrounded by this pristine environment, we will have some free time for lunch before going all the way back to El Calafate.

*This activity is recommended for travellers over 12, and minors under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult.
*It’s required to fill in a medical form.
01/10/2023 - 30/04/2024
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Adult 12 A 70 AR$ 205.625 AR$ 13.125

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