Cerro Huyliche

Estancia Huyliche – 4x4

The best panoramic view of El Calafate!

We will reach the top of the Mount Huyliche in 4x4 vehicles, getting to an impressive natural viewpoint with view
to the Andes Mountain Range, the Patagonian steppe and the Argentino Lake
When going downhill, we will visit the Labyrinth of Stones. The landscape is full of rock formations that allow to
interpret the geological evolution of the region, caused by wind erosion through thousands of years. We will find
marine fossils, native peoples’ archaeological remains, various peculiar rocks and stones and amazing caves
caused by erosion. This is the right place to take unforgetable pictures!

Later on, we will visit the Huyliche Estancia and tour the grounds of this historic place, chill out and enjoy lunch or
tea time.

*The 4x4 tour offers 3 different ways to descend the mount: 4x4, Zip lining or Trekking. If you are travelling with
your family or friends, you can go together and split according to the option that best suits each of you!

01/01/2023 - 30/04/2023
Categoria Edad Ticket Cantidad
Adult Desde 12 AR$ 18.000
Child 3 A 11 AR$ 14.400
Infant Hasta 2 SIN CARGO

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